Orchestre national de Lille, Owain Arwel Hughes - William Walton - The Symphonies - 2010 (SACD-R, ISO)

Orchestre national de Lille, Owain Arwel Hughes – William Walton – The Symphonies – 2010 (SACD-R, ISO)

Composer: Sir William Walton
Orchestra: Orchestre national de Lille
Conductor: Owain Arwel Hughes
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1 SACD-R
Format: ISO
Bit Depth: 64(2.8 MHz/1 Bit)
Number of channels: 5.0, 2.0
Label: BIS Records
Size: 3.22 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes
Server: rapidgator

Orchestre national de Lille, Owain Arwel Hughes
William Walton: The Symphonies

Sir William Walton (1902–83)

Symphony No.1 (1931–35)

01. I. Allegro assai 13’45
02. II. Presto con malizia 6’30
03. III. Andante con malinconia 9’55
04. IV. Maestoso – Allegro, brioso ed ardentemente 12’41

Symphony No.2 (1957–60)

05. I. Allegro molto 8’41
06. II. Lento assai 9’07
07. III. Passacaglia 8’36

Presto Classical Review

Rarely appearing together on disc, William Walton’s two symphonies are separated by some 25 years. The First Symphony was composed after his dazzling early success, beginning with Façade and culminating in two scores written before Walton reached the age of thirty: the Viola Concerto and the oratorio Belshazzar’s Feast. After this, composition became more difficult, and progress on the symphony was tortuous and protracted. Nevertheless, the work has a strikingly positive tone – perhaps in celebration of the victory over the many demons and difficulties that had attended its creation. 22 years later, in 1957, the musical world was a very different place, but Walton’s response was not to seek solace in reflective nostalgia. It is rather as if he conceived the Second Symphony as a follow-up to his terse and bubbly Partita for orchestra, building on the confidence that the success of that score had given the always self-doubting composer. Owain Arwel Hughes, who conducts the present recording, first made his name with an electrifying televised performance of Walton’s Belshazzar’s Feast which received a notable accolade from the composer. On this recording he brings Walton across the English Channel and conducts one of the leading French orchestras, Orchestre national de Lille, for their first appearance on the BIS label.




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