Shudong Braamse - Sueños de España - Spanish Art Songs - 2019 (FLAC, 24BIT – 44KHZ)

Shudong Braamse – Sueños de España – Spanish Art Songs – 2019 (FLAC, 24BIT – 44KHZ)

Composer: Fermin Maria Alvarez, Francisco Asenjo Barbieri, Francisco de Borja Tapia, Manuel Fernández Caballero, Joaquin Valverde, Sebastián de Yradier
Performer: Shudong Braamse – soprano, Robert Phillips – guitar, Teresa Ancaya – piano
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1 CD
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Bit Depth: 24bit / 44,1kHz
Number of channels: 2.0
Label: Navona Records
Size: 542 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes (PDF)
Server: rapidgator

Sueños de España: Spanish Art Songs

01. Un adiós : Un Adiós [00:05:37]
02. Amor y olvido : Amor y Olvido [00:03:28]
03. Rosa : Rosa [00:02:33]
04. Lo que está de Dios : Lo Que Está de Dios [00:04:21]
05. A mi nazarena : A Mi Nazarena [00:05:39]
06. Nina Pancha : Habanera [00:03:18]
07. A tus ojos : A Tus Ojos [00:03:32]
08. Las quejas de Maruja : Las Quejas de Maruja [00:03:01]
09. Amor sin esperanza : Amor Sin Esperanza [00:04:05]
10. La pajarita : La Pajarera [00:02:10]
11. Melodia : Melodía [00:02:40]
12. ¡Desengaño! : ¡Desengaño! [00:02:53]
13. El arreglito : El Arreglito [00:03:59]
14. A la incredulidad : A la Incredulidad [00:02:38]
15. 6 Canciones Españolas : O Sí O No (Yo las Falacias) [00:03:04]
16. Ave Maria : Ave María [00:03:30]
17. Ay! Mar que son mis lágrimas : Ay! Mar Que Son Mis Lágrimas [00:03:39]
18. El caudillo de los ciento : El Caudillo de los Ciento [00:03:15]
19. A Granada : A Granada [00:04:48]

Soprano Shudong Braamse blends vocal artistry with technical skill in her recording of Sueños de España. This treasury of Spanish art song relates stories of passionate love, broken promises, and heartfelt prayers. Braamse’s performance demonstrates both an understanding of the rich Spanish culture and its 19th-century romantic poetry. Accompanied by piano or Spanish guitar, each canción is simply focused on vocal quality — the star of the show. Braamse’s voice offers a lovely, distinctive sound that warmly colors each poem and melodic line. The first song on the album, “Un Adios”, describes a troubadour leaving his lover and the ancient city of Granada forever. Braamse performs the role of the troubadour, displaying the pain of abandoning one’s love and ancestral home. Her wide vocal range encompasses every note in the song comfortably and naturally, from the low, brooding tones to the sweeping higher ones. This spirit is revealed throughout the album, from “A Tus Ojos”, an homage to the eyes of one’s sweetheart, to “Ave María”, a prayer to the Virgin Mary for strength and protection. In Sueños de España, Braamse communicates expressively each nuance and tone with impeccable Spanish pronunciation and a delivery that is true to her own musical strengths and the power of the stories she tells.



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