Rameau - The Sound of Light - Teodor Currentzis, Nadine Koutcher, Alexei Svetov, MusicAeterna Orchestra & Choir - 2014 (FLAC, 24BIT – 88KHZ)

Rameau – The Sound of Light – Teodor Currentzis, Nadine Koutcher, Alexei Svetov, MusicAeterna Orchestra & Choir – 2014 (FLAC, 24BIT – 88KHZ)

Composer: Jean Philippe Rameau
Performer: Nadine Koutcher (soprano), Alexei Svetov (bass)
Orchestra: MusicAeterna Orchestra & Choir
Conductor: Teodor Currentzis
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1 CD
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Bit Depth: 24bit / 88,2kHz
Number of channels: 2.0
Label: Sony
Size: 1.15 GB
Recovery: +3%
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Teodor Currentzis/Теодор Куррентзис, Nadine Koutcher, Alexei Svetov, MusicAeterna Orchestra & Choir / Rameau – The Sound of Light (2014)

Jean Philippe Rameau (1683-1764)

01. Les Fêtes d’Hébé, RCT 41, La Danse, Scène VII: Musette et Tambourin en rondeau pour Terpsichore 03:47
02. Zoroastre, RCT 62, Acte III, Scène VII: Gavotte en rondeau 02:18
03. Les Boréades, RCT 31, Acte IV, Scène IV: Entrée pour les Muses, les Zéphyres, les Saisons, les Heures et les Arts 07:02
04. Les Indes galantes, RCT 44, Nouvelle entrée, Les sauvages, Scène VI: Chaconne 05:45
05. Les Indes galantes, RCT 44, Troisième entrée, Les fleurs, Scène VIII: Ballet des fleurs – Orage 00:47
06. Zoroastre, RCT 62, Act I, Scène III: Air tendre en rendeau 02:23
07. Platée, RCT 53, Acte I, Scène VI: Orage 01:53
08. Les Indes galantes, RCT 44, Nouvelle entrée, Les sauvages, Scène VI: Rondeau – Duo et choeur “Forêts paisibles” 03:45
09. Six Concerts transcrits en Sextuor, Sixième concert: La poule 05:56
10. Platée, RCT 53, Acte II, Scène IV: Récitativ “Essayons du brillant” – Ariette “Aux langueurs d’Apollon” 05:16
11. Nais, RCT 49, Prologue, Scène V: Premier rigaudon – Deuxième rigaudon 02:17
12. Zoroastre, RCT 62: Ouverture 04:21
13. Hippolyte et Aricie, RCT 43, Acte I, Scène I: Prélude – Air accompagné “Temple sacré, séjour tranquille” 02:48
14. Nais, RCT 49: Ouverture 03:58
15. Les Boréades, RCT 31, Acte I, Scène IV: Première contredanse en rondeau pour les Peuples boréades travestis en Plaisirs et Grâces 02:31
16. Les Indes galantes, RCT 44, Première entrée, Le turc généreux, Scène VI: Air pour les esclaves africains 01:49
17. Dardanus, RCT 35, Prologue, Scène II: Premier tambourin pour les Peuples de différentes nations 02:21
18. Castor et Pollux, RCT 32, Acte I, Scène III: Prélude – Air accompagné “Tristes apprêts” 07:33

In celebration of the 250-year anniversary of Jean Philippe Rameau’s death, this album is a selection of Teodor Currentzis’ favourite orchestral and orchestral / vocal works by Rameau – taken mostly from his operas and opera-ballets.

Two singers drawn from the MusicAeterna Choir – Nadine Koutcher and Alexei Svetov – sing solo parts on several of the key tracks including the hauntingly beautiful Tristes Apprêts’ from Castor et Pollux and ‘Orage‘ from Platée.

We see that this release builds on the brand of Currentzis and MusicAeterna showing that they have a very rich and broad creative output.

“The most amazing phenomenon in life is light. It gives us breath, life and love. So – how to explain to someone who has never been embraced by the sun what light actually is? I would play them music by Rameau.” Currentzis explains how he experiences the music of Rameau.

BBC Music Magazine

Currentzis describes the act of listening to Rameau as a conversation in which ‘you are naked and it is painful’. In the dewy pathos of ‘Tristes apprets’…, as the string fade into a pale halo around Nadine Koutcher’s fragile voice and the pulse slows to nothingness, you can almost see what he means.

International Record Review

This anthology of favourite moments from Rameau’s stage music, though eccentric, is quite satisfying…the conviction with which Currentzis and his exceptionally talented orchestra present their unusual interpretations has won me, a crusty purist, over more than a little.

The Observer

sometimes it is just too extreme…Yet there is highly original thinking here, and you cannot argue with the sophistication of the playing by the orchestra MusicAeterna.

The Times

Discerning music lovers who enjoy living on the edge might consider Rameau: The Sound of Light for Christmas. The maverick conductor Teodor Currentzis’s incisive trip through the juicier chunks of Rameau’s operas is delivered with typically extreme tempi and gutsy playing from MusicAeterna.

New York Times

After several memorable Mozart recordings, they take on the music of Rameau here, bringing the same startling zest for innovation and untamed dynamism to a dazzling selection of vocal and instrumental selections from his operas.

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