Mozart - La clemenza di Tito - Rolando Villazon, Marina Rebeka, Joyce DiDonato, Tara Erraught, Regula Muhlemann, Chamber Orchestra of Europe, RIAS Kammerchor, Yannick Nezet-Seguin - 2018 (FLAC, 24BIT – 96KHZ)

Mozart – La clemenza di Tito – Rolando Villazon, Marina Rebeka, Joyce DiDonato, Tara Erraught, Regula Muhlemann, Chamber Orchestra of Europe, RIAS Kammerchor, Yannick Nezet-Seguin – 2018 (FLAC, 24BIT – 96KHZ)

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Orchestra: Chamber Orchestra of Europe, RIAS Kammerchor
Conductor: Yannick Nézet-Séguin
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1 CD
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Bit Depth: 24bit / 96kHz
Number of channels: 2.0
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Size: 2.76 GB
Recovery: +3%
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01. Act 1: Overture
02. Act 1: “Ma che? sempre l’istesso”
03. Act 1: “Come ti piace imponi”
04. Act 1: “Amico, il passo affretta”
05. Act 1: “Deh se piacer mi vuoi”
06. Act 1: “Amico, ecco il momento”
07. Act 1: “Deh prendi un dolce amplesso”
08. Act 1: Marcia
09. Act 1: “Serbate, oh Dei custodi”
10. Act 1: “Te della patria il Padre” – “Basta, basta, oh miei fidi”
11. Act 1: Marcia Reprise
12. Act 1: “Adesso, oh Sesto, parla per me”
13. Act 1: “Del più sublime”
14. Act 1: “Non ci pentiam”
15. Act 1: “Ah perdona al primo affetto”
16. Act 1: “Che mi rechi in quel foglio?”
17. Act 1: “Di Tito al piè”
18. Act 1: “Ah, se fosse intorno al trono”
19. Act 1: “Felice me!” – “Ancora mi schernisce?”
20. Act 1: “Parto, ma tu ben mio”
21. Act 1: “Vedrai, Tito, vedrai”
22. Act 1: “Vengo… aspettate… Sesto!…”
23. Act 1: “Oh Dei, che smania è questa”
24. Act 1: “Deh conservate, oh Dei” – “Sesto!”
25. Act 1: “Sesto!” – Andante

26. Act 2: “Sesto, come tu credi”
27. Act 2: “Torna di Tito”
28. Act 2: “Partir deggio, o restar?”
29. Act 2: “Sesto! – Che chiedi?”
30. Act 2: “Se al volto mai ti senti”
31. Act 2: “Ah, grazie si rendano” – “È tutto colà d’intorno”
32. Act 2: “Già de’ pubblici giuochi”
33. Act 2: “Tardi s’avvede”
34. Act 2: “No, così scellerato”
35. Act 2: “Cesare, nol diss’io”
36. Act 2: “Tu fosti tradito”
37. Act 2: “Che orror! che tradimento!” – “Ingrato!”
38. Act 2: “Quello di Tito è il volto!” – “Odimi, oh Sesto”
39. Act 2: “Eppur mi fa pietà”
40. Act 2: “Deh per questo istante solo”
41. Act 2: “Ove s’intese mai”
42. Act 2: “Se all’impero”
43. Act 2: “Publio, ascolta!”
44. Act 2: “Ah, Vitellia”
45. Act 2: “S’altro che lagrime”
46. Act 2: “Ecco il punto, oh Vitellia”
47. Act 2: “Non più di fiori”
48. Act 2: “Che del ciel, che degli Dei”
49. Act 2: “Sesto, de’ tuoi delitti”
50. Act 2: “Ma che giorno è mai questo?”
51. Act 2: “Tu, è ver, m’assolvi, Augusto”


Rolando Villazón – Tito
Marina Rebeka
– Vitellia
Joyce DiDonato
– Sesto
Tara Erraught
– Annio
Regula Mühlemann
– Servilia
Adam Plachetka
– Publio

This is the fifth instalment of DG’s series of seven Mozart operas conducted by Yannick Nézet-Séguin, and initiated by Rolando Villazón, in collaboration with Festspielhaus Baden Baden and with the generous support of ROLEX For La Clemenza di Tito, Mozart’s last opera about the benevolent Emperor Titus who pardons an attempt on his own life, Rolando and Yannick – new music director of the MET – are joined by outstanding partners: A stellar cast in every role and specialist handpicked orchestra playing at their best in the stunning venue of Festspielhaus Baden-Baden Rolando adds yet another intriguing Mozart role to his already large discography. This time it is his role debut as Tito, reinforcing again his love for Mozart: “No composer has spoken to as directly as Mozart. I feel like I have a soul mate in him.”

In addition Rolando has been named Artistic Director of the Salzburg Mozart Week Previous productions in this series are: Don Giovanni, Così fan tutte, Die Entführung aus dem Serail (Grammy Award Nomination) and Le Nozze di Figaro (Grammy Award Nomination & Echo Klassik Award).

Presto Classical

After a slightly lacklustre Nozze di Figaro a couple of years ago, the dramatic temperature is back to white-hot, and the women in particular are as fine as any I’ve heard on record…Rebeka sweeps all before her as the venomous Vitellia, completely in command of the role’s notoriously wide compass…DiDonato is on blazing form…Villazón is his idiosyncratic self as the titular Emperor.
Katherine Cooper

Sunday Times

A surprisingly “old-school” Tito from the Met’s new music director boasts exceptional performances from Joyce DiDonato (a Sesto up there with the best on disc), Tara Erraught and Regula Mühlemann. Marina Rebeka’s Vitellia is more controversial: less beautifully sung than Baker’s or Varady’s, but vivid.

The Guardian

DiDonato’s Sesto is vibrant and memorable. So too is Marina Rebeka’s Vitellia, a larger-than-life performance that right away establishes the volatility of the character…The main idiosyncrasy is Villazón…Some listeners will find his warm, passionate portrayal of the merciful emperor an antidote to the generic, antiseptic style in which Mozart can be played today; others will balk at his expressive tuning, and wonder why he sounds as if he is limbering up for Nessun Dorma.

The Times

In vocal terms, as usual, Villazón holds the wild card. He departs from selected notes with a greasy glide, often landing on others in the same way. Yet his expressive liberties stop Tito from seeming a dramatic contrivance needed to shape the customary opera clash between love and duty. With their lively phrasings and sharp attack, there’s also something refreshingly surprising about Nézet-Séguin and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe.



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