J.S. Bach - Works for Trumpet - Alison Balsom - 2006 - 2014 (FLAC, 24bit - 44.1kHz)

J.S. Bach – Works for Trumpet – Alison Balsom – 2006 – 2014 (FLAC, 24bit – 44.1kHz)

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)
Performer: Alison Balsom – trumpet
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1 CD
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Bit Depth: 24bit / 44.1kHz
Number of channels: 2.0
Label: Warner Classics
Size: 683.2 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes (Sleeve, Digital Booklet)
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Alison Balsom
Bach: Works for Trumpet

Concerto in D major BWV 972 after Vivaldi

01. I. Allegro (2:04)
02. II. Adagio (3:50)
03. III. Allegro assai (2:10)

Cello Suite No.2 in D minor BWV 1008

04. IV. Sarabande (2:41)
05. VII. Gigue (2:38)

Aria Variata in A minor (Italian Variations) BWV 989

06. Aria Variata in A minor (Italian Variations) (9:24)

Partita No.3 in E major BWV 1006

07. VI. Gigue (2:06)

Trio Sonata in C major BWV 529

08. I. Allegro (4:55)
09. II. Largo (5:16)
10. III. Allegro (3:31)

Concerto in C minor BWV 974 after Marcello

11. I. Allegro (3:13)
12. II. Largo (3:41)
13. III. Presto (3:12)

Bist du bei mir from the Anna Magdalena Notebook BWV 508

14. Bist du bei mir from the Anna Magdalena Notebook (2:42)

Concerto in A major BWV 1055

15. I. Allegro (4:08)
16. II. Larghetto (5:02)
17. III. Allegro ma non tanto (4:24)

Orchestral Suite No.2 in B minor BWV 1067

18. VII. Badinerie (1:31)

Mass in B minor BWV 232

19. Agnus Dei (5:00)

Alison Balsom,
Colm Carey,
Alina Ibragimova,
Alistair Ross,
harpsichord & chamber organ
Mark Caudle,
viola de gamba

Delightful discovery

The title Bach: Works for Trumpet is a little misleading: While Bach did compose glorious music for that instrument, everything here is a transcription. No matter. Bach himself was an avid transcriber, and these adaptations would surely draw smiles from the old Saxon — not least because of the virtuosity of the soloist, Alison Balsom, who navigates music originally for keyboard, cello, violin, voice, and other sources with equal aplomb. Most daring, perhaps, are Balsom’s unaccompanied selections: two movements from one of the cello suites, a Gigue from a violin partita, and the lively Badinerie from the Second Orchestral Suite. There’s nothing to mask shortcomings in technique on these solitary tracks, yet Balsom never loses her stride in music that must pose an extra challenge on trumpet rather than on the nimbler flute, violin, or cello. Organist Colm Carey steps in to accompany three transcribed concertos (two of which are in turn Bach revisions of scores by Vivaldi and Marcello, adding to the complexity), while a small chamber group joins the trumpeter for a trio sonata and part of the Agnus Dei from the B Minor Mass. A harpsichord-accompanied Italian Variations and a version of the beautiful song ‘Du bist bei mir,’ with chamber organ and viola da gamba, complete the album’s pleasingly diverse assortment of backup combinations. Balsom’s playing is spirited and expressive, with a tone that swaps brassy glitz for a supple vocal quality. All in all, an impressive major-label debut that reveals a talent to keep an eye on.

“…as a showcase for this young artist’s mesmerising virtuosity the disc does its job admirably, and presents some familiar and less familiar Bach in new guises at the same time. The supporting instrumentalists, especially organist Colm Carey, make a sterling contribution…” (BBC Music Magazine)

“A disc of arrangements which is impressive on every level. Beautifully mellow playing contrasting with virtuosic moments.” (Classic FM Magazine)




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