Hogwood: Haydn - Die Schöpfung (2 CD, FLAC)

Hogwood: Haydn – Die Schöpfung (2 CD, FLAC)

Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn
Performer: Kim Ampf, New College Choir
Orchestra: The Academy of Ancient Music
Conductor: Christopher Hogwood
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2 CD
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: Decca
ASIN: B000004CXT
Size: 355 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes
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Gabriel – Emma Kirkby
Uriel – Anthony Rolfe
Raphael – Michael George
Eva – Emma Kirkby
Adam – Michael George

CD 1
01. The Representation of Chaos
02. In the beginning God created the heaven
03. Now vanish for the holy beams
04. And God made the firmament
05. The marv’lous work beholds amazed
06. And God said: Let the waters under the heavens be gathered t…
07. Rolling in foaming billows
08. And God said: Let the earth bring forth grass
09. With verdure clad the fields appear
10. And the heavenly hosts proclaimed
11. Awake the harp
12. And God said: Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven
13. In splendour bright is rising now the sun
14. The heavens are telling the Glory of God

CD 2
01. And God Said Let The Waters Bring Forth
02. On Mighty Pens Uplifted Soars The Eagle Aloft
03. And God Created Great Whales
04. And The Angels Struck Their Immortal Harps
05. Most Beautiful Appear
06. And God Said Let The Earth Bring Forth
07. Straight Opening Her Fertile Womb
08. Now Heaven In Fullest Glory Shone
09. And God Created Man
10. In Native Worth And Honour Clad
11. And God Saw Everything
12. Achieved Is The Glorious Work
13. In Rosy Mantle Appears
14. By Thee With Bliss, O Bounteous Lord
15. Our Duty We Performed Now
16. Graceful Consort At Thy Side
17. O Happy Pair
18. Sing The Lord Ye Voices All

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