Glenn Gould, Michael Stegmann - The Glenn Gould Trilogy, A Life - 2007 (Classical; Piano; Biography; Radio play)(SACD-R, ISO)

Glenn Gould, Michael Stegmann – The Glenn Gould Trilogy, A Life – 2007 (Classical; Piano; Biography; Radio play)(SACD-R, ISO)

Composer: Glenn Gould (Biography; Radio play)
Performer: Michael Stegmann
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 3 SACD-R
Format: ISO
Bit Depth: 64(2.8 MHz/1 Bit)
Number of channels: 5.0, 2.0
Label: Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Size: 12.88 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes
Server: rapidgator

The Glenn Gould Trilogy, A Life (Michael Stegmann)

The 3-disc set is formatted along the lines of Gould’s life:
Disc 1 – The Idea of Music – reaches out to Gould’s legendary Goldberg Variations debut in 1955.
Disc 2 – The Outdropper – follows the years of his concert activities until his drop-out in 1964.
Disc 3 – The Quiet in the Studio – centers around the years of before his death, when Gould only communicated to his community and the outside world via LP, radio and TV.

Disc 1: The Idea of Music

01. Prologue
02. Childhood I
03. Puritanism
04. Joseph Hofmann
05. Childhood II
06. Studying The Organ
07. The Art Of Fugue
08. Compositions
09. Studying The Piano
10. Competitions – Sports And Games
11. Concerts
12. …”When My Love Affair With The Microphone Began”
13. The First Record
14. Goldberg Variations, 1954

Disc 2: The Drop-Out

01. Prologue
02. “The Most Hyped Recording Debut”
03. “…By The Most Hyped Young Performer”
04. Birth Of A Legend
05. Concerts
06. Attitudes
07. Therapies
08. Strategies
09. The Late Beethoven Sonatas
10. “Admit It, Mr. Gould…”
11. A Season On The Road
12. Conductors: Szell, Stokowski, Bernstein And Others
13. Averting
14. A Hysteric Return

Disc 3: The Quiet in the Studio

01. Prologue
02. Splendid Isolation
03. Repertory I – The 20th Century
04. Mozart
05. In The Studio I – Takes And Off-Takes
06. Coalitions
07. At Home With Glenn Gould
08. Glenn Gould Interviews: Glenn Gould About Glenn Gould
09. In The Studio II – Experiments
10. Radio As Music
11. Repertory II – The 19th Century
12. Finale

The Glenn Gould Trilogy is a unique radio play “composed” by Gould biographer Michael Stegmann and provides a unique insight into the life, music and thoughts of Glenn Gould, the brilliant pianist.

The Glenn Gould Trilogy: A Life is a fascinating journey through the life, the music and the thoughts of Glenn Gould. Radio play, biography, talking book, music and original spoken commentaries are blended on thee discs to create an enthralling portrait, as unusual and gripping as the charismatic and eccentric artist himself.

AllMusic Review by Mike D. Brownell

A joint venture between Sony Classical and WDR, Michael Stegemann’s The Glenn Gould Trilogy: A Life is something truly different and noteworthy. The three-disc set beautifully melds excerpts of Gould’s performances, spoken interviews, narrated text, and personal correspondence into a surprisingly coherent whole. Listeners who find it annoying to try to listen to music while someone is talking over it should still give this trilogy a try. It is not entirely about the music being performed, nor is it centered exclusively on the text, dialogue, or narration. Rather, it uses all of these elements brought together from across Gould’s career to create a vivid depiction of the personal and professional sides of this historically fascinating and eccentric artist. The only thing that could improve on this collection would be if, instead of being produced on a well-mastered SACD, it were offered on a DVD, incorporating a visual layer of stimulation and interaction. Still, fans of Gould and music history buffs (both amateur and professional) should absolutely treat themselves to this comprehensive guide to his life, presented in a most unique and enjoyable fashion.



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